Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1998

Degree Name

Master of Science in Environmental Policy Studies - (M.S.)


Humanities and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Nancy L. Jackson

Second Advisor

Ella Filippone

Third Advisor

Kenneth Ochab


For the past decade Jersey City, New Jersey has worked to redevelop its waterfront. The once highly industrialized waterfront is now the location of residential and commercial uses and more projects are slated for the future. Although many improvements to the physical and built environment occurred along the waterfront, many question whether enough emphasis was placed on outdoor recreation. Site assessments, field observations, and surveys of waterfront users in Jersey City, NJ were conducted to determine what uses are possible, and in the greatest demand on the waterfront. A total of (950) field observations were made of waterfront users. This information was supplemented with data from (35) structured interviews conducted with waterfront users. The results identify recreational opportunities, public perceptions, and waterfront use levels. Waterfront users participate primarily in non-water related activities. There is a high demand for, and participation in, active recreational activities on the waterfront. Waterfront sites offering an unobstructed view of New York City, convenient location, and a high level of safety were the most popular. Waterfront users expressed demand for more activities such as waterfront dining, and shopping. The results provide important baseline data that has value to waterfront planners when evaluating waterfront development proposals.



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