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Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

First Advisor

Jerome J. Salamone

Second Advisor

Ching-Rong Huang

Third Advisor

Angelo J. Perna


The effects of various dilute aqueous linear high polymer solutions on turbulent pipe flow were studied to determine the polymer most suitable for testing as the drag reducing component in the proposed coating. Results of this study are presented for commercial schedule 40 1/4 inch NPS black iron pipe. Tests were conducted at Reynolds numbers of 6.2x104,8.3x104 and 9.8x104.

Attempts were made to prepare a coating containing a friction drag reducing polymer - Polyhall 295 polyacrylamide - utilizing various techniques of polymer incorporation into the paint including several grinding and dispersion methods, adding the polymer in a water in oil emulsion to a finished paint and adding the polymer in solution to a finished paint.

Pipes were flow coated to a dry film thickness of two to three mils with coatings representative of each type of incorporation method. The unmodified Paints were composed of resins and pigmentations of which some components had a certain degree of water solubility to aid the leaching of the Polyhall 295 into the water.

Results of these tests showed negative results insofar as the dispersions produced were very coarse and the resultant films increased the friction loss in the pipes while the solution and emulsion techniques allowed only a very small amount of the polymer to be added to the coating and resulted in no effect on the frictional resistance at all.One apparently successful trial of a coating containing ten percent Polyhall 295 could not be duplicated.



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