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Date of Award


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Master of Science in Chemistry - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Science

First Advisor

George Y. Lei

Second Advisor

Barbara B. Kebbekus

Third Advisor

Deran Hanesian


BisGMA and DECP-HEMA were separately synthesized from Bisphenol A and glycidyl methacrylate and from diethylchlorophosphate and 2-hydroxyethyl-methacrylate. The structure of the monomer, BisGMA, was further analyzed by means of chromatography, VPO, IR, FTIR and GC-MASS.

Based on the main monomers, BisGMA, DECP-HEMA and an organosilane compound, a dental adhesive has been formulated. Although the tervile strength of the adhesive has been found to be not as good as the adhesive formulated by a previous worker (student), its applicability to teeth is more suitable for clinic practice.

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Chemistry Commons



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