Document Type


Date of Award

Summer 1998

Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science - (M.S.)


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Murat Tanik

Second Advisor

Franz J. Kurfess

Third Advisor

Ali Hikmet Dogru

Fourth Advisor

Leon Jololian


To develop a user-satisfying product the most essential ingredient is to understand user's needs and expectations from the system. Lack of communication between the user and the developer results in an unsatifying output from the user's point of view. Thus proper understanding between the stakeholder and the developer is the most important requirement during the development of any system.

Requirement elicitation process is one such means of expressing wants and requirements from the system by both the parties. Based on Software Engineering Institute's model, requirement elicitation is a web-based application that allows all the people involved in the system to specify their requirements in a more sophisticated and chronological manner. All the requirements that are specified are passed through various phases when finally a definite and a well-defined set of requirements are defined for further development of the project.

An application of requirement elicitation process considered was the manufacturing of 120mm M829E3 armor piercing shell fired by the tank manufactured at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAAP). The user specified various phases involved in the manufacturing with their requirements during each phase. Simultaneously developer's also specified their requirements for the same. Thus by passing through all the phases of requirement elicitation a definite set of environmentally considered requirements were defined by both the teams.

This thesis describes the various phases of requirement elicitation with respect to the domain of study. It also describes the software approach adopted for designing and developing this web based product.



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