Document Type


Date of Award

Summer 8-31-2000

Degree Name

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering - (M.S.)


Committee for the Interdisciplinary Program in Materials Science and Engineering

First Advisor

N. M. Ravindra

Second Advisor

James M. Grow

Third Advisor

Dentcho V. Ivanov

Fourth Advisor

Oktay H. Gokce


Tantalum silicide (TaSi2) thin films were sputter deposited on p- type and n- type silicon substrates using VARIAN 3125 magnetron DC sputtering system with TaSi2 target. The thicknesses of TaSi2 thin films considered in this study are 200Å, 600Å and 1000Å, respectively. The TaSi2/Si wafers were annealed at temperatures in the range of 400 to 900°T. The sheet resistances of TaSi2 thin films with various thicknesses were measured by four-point probe before and after annealing. The sheet resistance decreases with increase in annealing temperature and decreases with the increase in thickness of TaSi2 thin films. The structure of tantalum silicide thin-films are investigated utilizing Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Energy Dispersion X-ray Analysis (EDAX) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Due to the absorption of photons in the Si substrate, we cannot get reliable results from FTIR. EDAX results show the composition characteristics of TaSi2 thin films. X-ray diffraction results show changes in the structure of TaSi2 thin film from amorphous to crystalline after annealing. Oxidation characteristics of the TaSi2 films have been investigated in the temperature range of 500°C-900°C in wet steam ambients. The oxidation time ranged from 0.5 to 1.5 hours. No oxide formation of tantalum was observed in the experiment because the surface layer of the mixed Ta-Si oxides prevented the further oxidation of tantalum silicide.



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