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Date of Award

Spring 5-31-2002

Degree Name

Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering - (M.S.)


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

Kevin J. McDermott

Second Advisor

Athanassios K. Bladikas

Third Advisor

George Hanna Abdou


In today's fast-automated production, Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) play a very important role by processing a variety of different types of workpieces simultaneously. This study provides valuable information about existing FMS workcells and brings to light a unique concept called Programmable Automation.

Another integrated concept of programmable automation that is discussed is the use of two feasibility approaches towards modeling and controlling FMS operations; the most commonly used is programmable logic controllers (PLC), and the other one, which has not yet implemented in many industrial applications is Petri Net controllers (PN). This latter method is a unique powerful technique to study and analyze any production line or any facility, and it can be used in many other applications of automatic control.

Programmable Automation uses a processor in conventional metal working machines to perform certain tasks through program instructions. Drilling, milling and chamfering machines are good examples for such automation.

Keeping the above issues in concem; this research focuses on other core components that are used in the FMS workcell at New Jersey Institute of Technology, such as; industrial robots, material handling system and finally computer vision.

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Manufacturing Commons



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