Document Type


Date of Award

Fall 1-31-2003

Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - (M.S.)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

N. Aubry

Second Advisor

E. S. Geskin

Third Advisor

I. Joga Rao


The movement of matter in a non-uniform electric field, termed dielectrophoresis, is of interest to scientists of various branches: physics, chemistry, engineering, and life science. To chemists and physicists it is a science of many varied phenomena. To engineers it is a source of new and useful techniques for separating materials or improving materials’ behavior. To ecologists it provides a major means of minimizing pollution. To life scientists it offers new ways to study and manipulate cells and their subparticles, and to help unravel the nature of living systems.

The purpose of this thesis is to concentrate on some aspects of this powerful phenomenon in order to apply it to mechanical engineering problems. One of these particular engineering problems is development of a system for electrohydrodynamical manipulation of particles in fluids.



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