Document Type


Date of Award

Summer 8-31-2003

Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - (M.S.)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Boris Khusid

Second Advisor

E. S. Geskin

Third Advisor

Chao Zhu


The thesis work consists of the two parts, jet behavior of solvents (ethanol and acetone) and the particle formation using SAS method. In the first part, the study of the effects of process parameters like temperature, pressure, injection velocity and internal diameter of nozzle on liquid jets are studied. The critical pressure for which liquid jet of solvents changes to gas - like jet, is investigated.

In the second part, the experiments are done to study the process of the particle formation using SAS method. Effects of process parameters like pressure, injection velocity of solution, the inner diameter of nozzle on properties of particles are studied. Few modifications are done in setup to make the experiments easy and effective. Also, a few recommendations are proposed regarding process parameters for future experiments as well as to improve set up.



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