Document Type


Date of Award

Fall 1-31-2005

Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science - (M.S.)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Ali Mili

Second Advisor

Alexander Thomasian

Third Advisor

Robert Michael Klashner


Selection of the correct software architecture is vital for building successful software-intensive systems. Its realization requires important decisions about the organization of the system and by and large permits or prevents a system's acceptance and quality attributes such as performance and reliability. The correct architecture is essential for program success while the wrong one is a formula for disaster.

In this investigation, potential software architectures for the Next Generation Satellite Orbital Control System (NG-SOCS) are developed from compiled system specifications and a review of existing technologies. From the developed architectures, the recommended architecture is selected based on real-world considerations that face corporations today, including maximizing code reuse, mitigation of project risks and the alignment of the solution with business objectives.



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