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Date of Award

Summer 8-31-2005

Degree Name

Master of Science in Applied Physics - (M.S.)


Federated Physics Department

First Advisor

Anthony Fiory

Second Advisor

N. M. Ravindra

Third Advisor

Dentcho V. Ivanov

Fourth Advisor

Sufian Abedrabbo

Fifth Advisor

Lamine M. Dieng


The influence of patterns on emissivity in silicon wafers in rapid thermal processing systems has been investigated. In this study, two experiments with layered and patterned silicon wafers were conducted. The main difference in the experiments is the way in which the temperature was controlled. The first experiment was performed under Open Loop Intensity Control (OLIC). For OLIC, no feedback from the wafer is returned. It is assumed that supplying a certain power level will lead to the desired temperature. The other experiment used the Closed Loop Intensity Control. In this case, a feedback, in the form of temperature deviation is used to adjust the temperature.

By using the Stefan-Boltzmann T4-law, a heat balance equation describing the incoming and outgoing heat can be derived. This heat balance equation can be used to calculate the spatial temperature differences due to different emissivities of the various thin film layers of patterned wafers. A mathematical model was developed based on the heat balance equation. The mathematical model was verified with experiments. The model showed good agreement with the experiments.

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Other Physics Commons



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