Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering - (M.S.)


Manufacturing Engineering Division

First Advisor

Nouri Levy

Second Advisor

R. S. Sodhi

Third Advisor

Steve Kotefski


This thesis presents the development of an expert system for the safety of workers from electrical hazards at work place.

The objective of this work is to show how an expert system within the workplace can be used in helping to create an effective safety program.

An effective expert system for electrical safety have been developed for the workers to prevent accidents from electrical hazards using the safety regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The regulations developed by OSHA have been incorporated in rule based expert system which can be accessed by any non computer professional and the system acts like a consultant in helping out to follow the required regulations.

The system developed cover rules for all the equipments and installations used to provide electric power and light for employee workplace.

Included in

Manufacturing Commons



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