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Date of Award


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Master of Science in Computer Science - (M.S.)


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Yehoshua Perl


In recent years object - oriented programming has gained a tremendous popularity in the design and implementation of emerging data - intensive application systems. Object oriented knowledge based approaches have proved to be very powerful vehicle when developing, integrating complex systems.

Using a University database demonstrated here is an object oriented model. This model uses VODAK/VML-0 prototype which was developed by GMD - IPSI, Darmstadt FRG. The Conceptual Schema of this database was done using The Dual Model, but as the current VODAK/VML version does not support dual model, the schema was modified before use. There are 167 classes defined and their interfaces consist of 60 methods coded in smalltalk. The prototype supports user defined datatypes and it is capable of supporting user defined queries on the database .

The VODAK datamodel prototype itself is developed using powerful features object oriented language "Smalltalk", which by itself make computer problem solving more human like activity.



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