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Master of Science in Management - (M.S.)


School of Industrial Management

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Miriam K. Mills


This study investigates the relevance of different elements of accreditation as applied to professional and technical occupations. The impact of essential elements of typical accreditation programs on the outcome of the credentialing process is studied. The credentialing process is viewed in the context of how it affects the public safety, health and well being of society. The health, legal, engineering, and educational professions are analyzed to form a conventional professional base of comparison with the emerging professional-technical occupations in the nuclear industry, especially nondestructive examiners.

Nurses, attorneys, engineers, and teachers accreditation programs are analyzed for their strengths and areas for improvement. The lessons learned from these occupations are recommended for transfer to other occupational accreditation programs.

Research of the nuclear industry accreditation programs for nuclear power plant operators, quality assurance auditors, quality control inspectors, and nondestructive examiners will focus on the representative problems in this industry that may exist to some degree in all industries. Performance and test results in a ten year study of nondestructive examiner testing practices are analyzed in detail. Analysis of accreditation elements leads to conclusions and recommendations to reduce reliance on some program prerequisite elements and focus on performance results. A system seeking continual improvement and not minimum requirements is recommended. These recommendations apply to any professional accreditation program with specific emphasis on the nondestructive examiner as an emerging professional-technical occupation.

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