Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering - (M.S.)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Walter F. Kosonocky

Second Advisor

Durgamadhab Misra

Third Advisor

Kenneth Sohn


This thesis describes the analysis and simulations of Direct Schottky Injection (DSI) imagers which have 100% fill factor. Frame transfer (FT) and interline transfer (IT) DSI imager structures have been investigated. Theoretical Poisson solution for the PT and P-NP FT-DSI structures is presented, which closely agrees with simulation results. Simulation for frame transfer FT-DSI imagers has been done in SUPREM III since 1-D effects are more dominant. Single carrier transit time for both the structures were estimated from the electric fields.

Simulations of IT-DSI structures was done using PISCES llb, to get the local electric fields, which define the directionality of the signal. Zero carrier Poisson analysis was done to get empty potential wells. Effects of additional implants on the device performance has been discussed. Transient analysis was carried out to see the effect of fast changing scenes, on the performance of the imager. The analysis shows that the effective pixel sizes tend to decrease as larger charge signal is collected.



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