Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering Science- (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Science

First Advisor

Roland A. Levy

Second Advisor

James M. Grow

Third Advisor

David S. Kristol


Diethylsilane (DES) has been used as a precursor to produce silicon dioxide films by low pressure chemical vapor deposition. These films were synthesized in the temperature range of 350 to 475°C thus allowing the use of the material as an intermetal dielectric or as a top layer passivation coating in microelectronic devices. In that process, the growth rate was observed to follow an Arrhenius behavior yielding an activation energy of 10 kcal/mol. The growth rate was also observed to increase with higher pressure and to vary as a function of the square root of the DES flow rate and O2/DES ratio. In both the pressure and the O2/DES ratio studies, there were points of abrupt cessation in deposition. The density of the films was measured to be close to 2.2 g/cm3 regardless of deposition conditions. RBS measurements revealed the absence of incorporated carbon and a near stochiometric composition of SiO2.2. The dielectric breakdown strength of an SiO2 film deposited at 400 °C was found to be 2 MV/cm. Infrared spectra of the films showed the usual Si-0 bond stretching and bond bending absorption bands centered at 1060, 810, and 440 cm-1. Si-H bending band at 880 cm-1 was also observed in SiO2 films prepared under certain processing conditions. The refractive index of the films was found to be at 1.46 independent of deposition temperature.



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