Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

First Advisor

Edward Charles Roche, Jr.

Second Advisor

John E. McCormick

Third Advisor

Ralph Ceccheti


This thesis constitutes a simulation model of a single feed frational distillation column consisting of a single phase distillate, liquid or vapor product, an equilibrium stage reboiler, and a cascade consisting of theoretical equilibrium stages. The model limitations in addition to the single feed and the single phase distillate are 20 identifiable components, and 100 theoretical equilibrium stages. The thermodynamic data required are vapor-liquid equilibrium data and vapor-liquid enthalpy data, both assumed to be correlatable as functions of temperature. Compositional dependence of the thermodynamic data is ignored, but minor pressure variations throughout the cascade can be incorporated into the vapor-liquid equilibrium data. The method of solution employed in solving the non-linear equations describing this fundamental unit process is Hummel's variation of the Thiele-Geddes procedure coupled with the constant composition method of performing enthalpy or energy calculations.



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