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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

George C. Keeffe


This work presents operating data and correlations of agitated extraction equipment studied under continuous counter-current flow.

The experimental work was carried out in at agitated column 36 inches in length with an internal diameter of 2 inches using the system toluene, benzoic acid and water. The working section of the column was 24 inches. The design of the column used for the experimental work is similar to that proposed in a patent by van Dijck (3). The column is similar only to the extent that the patent covers numerous conditions of vertical agitation.

The distribution data and the equilibrium solubility curve were determined by Appel and Elgin (1).

The experimental results obtained indicate that an agitated counter-current extraction column possesses a number of advantages over its stationary counterpart. Agitation increases the efficiency of a liquid liquid extraction column and by proper control of agitation the extraction coefficient can be made nearly independent of the dispersed phase flow rate.

The results obtained also made possible the derivation of an empirical equation correlating H.T.U., agitation and thruput for the system benzoic acid, toluene and water.

(H.T.U.)= 33.4/T (2.73 - Log10 R.P.M.)



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