Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-2017

Degree Name

Master of Science in Civil Engineering - (M.S.)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Matthew P. Adams

Second Advisor

Matthew J. Bandelt

Third Advisor

Bruno M. Goncalves da Silva


Reuse and recycling of concrete is essential for construction purposes. There has been progressive development in construction projects but at the same time it has an inverse effect on the environment. Concrete structures are built and demolished continuously all over the world, generating tons of waste materials which are actually reusable in concrete production itself. This paper emphasis on recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) and many characteristics of RCA. This paper studies RCA’s different properties. RCA’s replacement in the place of natural aggregate is discussed. The proper amount and researches done on RCA improvement have also been discussed for further in depth study on RCA. RCA is a convenient option for sustainability because demolishing old structures, environmental hazards on different structural etc. are a common phenomenon. They always leave the world with more waste materials that cannot be taken care of naturally. Using these waste materials to create useful structures is one responsible step towards a sustainable world.



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