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Date of Award


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Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

John W. Axelson

Second Advisor

Joseph Joffe


Measurements of the rate of absorption of ammonia in water have been made using a 4-inch diameter Lucite column With porcelain Raschig rings packed to a height of 3 feet, Tests were made with water rates of 462 and 695 lbs./ hr-ft2 and a constant gas rate of 130 lbs/hr-ft2 with liquid temperature verying from 72° F. to 110° F.

At constant liquid and gas rate, the mass transfer coefficient, ΚGa, decreases with increasing liquid temperature and in represented by straight lines on plot of ΚGa versus temperature. The variation of ΚGa with liquid temperature ranged from 6,05 at 72° F. to 2.5 at 104° F. with a constant liquid rate of 462 lbs. /hr-ft2 and a constant gas rate of 130 lbs./hr-ft2, At the same gas rate of 130 lbs./hr-ft2, ΚGa varied from 6.55 at 78° F, to 5.28 at 100° F.

It was also found that ΚGa increases with an increase in water rate, and may also be represented by straight lines on a log-log plot.



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