Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Environmental Science - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Environmental Science

First Advisor

Ching-Rong Huang

Second Advisor

Richard B. Trattner

Third Advisor

Su Ling Cheng


The study presents three types of Advanced Oxidation Processes , Ozone with UV, Ozone with Hydrogen Peroxide in the presence of UV, Various Hydrogen peroxide dosages and PH levels in the presence of UV.

A reaction kinetic model was proposed. The reaction rate constants and mass transfer coefficients are determined by a series of experiments and the use of the Rosenbrock Hillclimb Optimization Algorithm in conjuction with the Fourth ¬Order Runge - Kutta method on a digital computer.

Experimental results indicated that the Hydrogen peroxide with UV at low PH level has been proven more effective for the treatment of acrylonitrile, acetoni-trile - containing wastewater, and Ozone with Hydrogen Peroxide in the presence of UV light has a significant accelerating effect on the rate of oxidation of acry-lonitrile, acetonitrile to enhance Ozone with UV process.



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