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Date of Award


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Master of Architecture - (M.Arch.)


School of Architecture

First Advisor

Peter Lang

Second Advisor

Craig Konyk

Third Advisor

Donald Wall


This thesis studies the nature of place, which is a specific, identified location in space, in the conditions of driving in a car on a highway. This study opposes the common opinion that highways destroy identity of a specific location and they have only utilitarian role. This thesis wants to prove that on Route 280 exist a possibility for an identity of a location and that the highway is a place, but the traditional dimensions of a place are modified by high-speed travel in a car. It will analyze actual observations on Route 280.

Traditionally, space was inhabited at slow speeds that had a traditional means of identifying a specific place. The invention of a car created new high-speed conditions of experiencing space that transformed the nature of a specific location.

The issue is to reconsider the dimensions and arrangement of a place on Route 280, which could be applicable for architecture in the space of high-speed travel and communication.

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Architecture Commons