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Master of Science in Applied Physics - (M.S.)



First Advisor

John Francis Federici

Second Advisor

Tao Zhou

Third Advisor

Robert Benedict Barat

Fourth Advisor

Caroline Brisson


Terahertz spectroscopy from 0.15 to 0.3 THz is used to classify agglomerated cork products. Position dependent scattering of radiation allows one to image the internal structure of cork products. Previous studies have focused on natural (solid) cork stoppers. In this study, the feasibility of classifying agglomerated cork structures using THz imaging and spectroscopy is investigated. Both THz images and spectra are used to classify the agglomerated cork samples. Classification of the samples used three methods: visible examination of the THz images, statistical analysis of the pixel intensities, and a polynomial regression of the THz spectral data averaged over all pixels. Three types of agglomerated corks are studied: large cork granule, small cork granule, and twin-top technical corks. Classification based on both THz absorbance and time-delay enables the classification of the three cork types. Eventually, the measured THz properties and classifications will be correlated with the corks’ measured oxygen transfer rate, which is an important performance criterion.

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Other Physics Commons



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