Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Engineering - (M.S.)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Howard Gage

Second Advisor

Suebsak Nanthavanij

Third Advisor

Min-Yong Park


Various regulations increase the responsibility of employers to retain appropriate safety and health information, for as long as several years. Handling this increasing volume of safety and health information manually is impractical, time consuming and hence, not at all cost effective.

The purpose of this research is to examine the various aspects of computerizing safety and health information, and to evaluate a number of commercially available safety software packages.

This paper initially discusses the impact of OSHA on retaining safety and health information, and the different areas which can benefit from computerization. It also provides guidelines to analyze existing safety and health information systems in an establishment, and develops general guidelines for selecting and developing a computerized safety and health information system.

The work concludes with an analysis of nine of the most widely used commercially available safety software packages using data obtained from product catalogues and demo diskettes.



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