Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Engineering - (M.S.)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Min-Yong Park

Second Advisor

Howard Gage

Third Advisor

Layek Abdel-Malek


A noise survey was conducted on the pump floor of a power generating plant, which included measuring noise levels at 261 areas of the floor (6,000 square feet) and the employees' noise doses, or 8-hour time-weighted average (TWAs). The noise levels of the 261 areas were recorded using a Sound Level Meter, and the noise doses (i.e., TWAs) were measured using a noise Dosimeter. It was found that both noise levels and TWAs were higher than the OSHA's permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 90 dBA and the action level of 85 dBA. According to the data gathered, it was determined that at least single hearing protection devices are mandatory while working on the pump floor after evaluating noise attenuation using both single and double hearing protection. Finally, baffles, enclosing walls, preventive maintenance, and behavior modification techniques and incentive programs are recommended in order to attenuate noise exposure levels to safety levels and improve hearing protection devices usage among employees.