Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science - (M.S.)


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Mary M. Eshaghian

Second Advisor

Daniel Y. Chao

Third Advisor

David T. Wang


The Implementation aspects of a novel parallel pro¬gramming model called Cluster-M is presented in this the¬sis. This model provides an environment for efficiently de¬signing highly parallel portable software. The two main components of this model are Cluster-M Specifications and Cluster-M Representations. A Cluster-M Specifica¬tion consists of a number of clustering levels emphasizing computation and communication requirements of a paral¬lel solution to a given problem. A Cluster-M Representa¬tion on the other hand, represents a multi-layered parti¬tioning of a system graph corresponding to the topology of the target architecture. A set of basic constructs essen¬tial for writing Cluster-M Specifications using PCN are presented. Also, a. C program for generating the Cluster-M Representations is shown. Cluster-M Specifications are to be mapped onto the Representations using a proposed mapping methodology. Using Cluster-M a single software can be ported among various parallel computing systems. This thesis concentrates on the implementation of the Specifications and the Representations.