Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 1994

Degree Name

Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Engineering - (M.S.)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Howard Gage

Second Advisor

Min-Yong Park

Third Advisor

Layek Abdel-Malek


In an industrial environment, chronic noise exposure is assumed to affect human heart rate. If this is true, people who are more sensitive to noise will run a higher risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases.

Sixteen healthy experimental subjects, all with normal hearing, eight males and eight females, were exposed to five different types of pink and white noise at 60, 70, 80, and 85 dBA in order to determine if any relationship exists between the heart rate and sex. Each individual was exposed for a maximum of thirty seconds for each type and level of noise. Audiometric tests were given to subjects in order to measure their hearing sensitivity (threshold) before and after the experiment.

This study provides valuable information towards understanding if autonomic responses are higher in people who consider themselves sensitive to noise, and in determining if sex plays a role on any effects noise may exert on heart rate.



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