Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-2018

Degree Name

Master of Science in Engineering Management - (M.S.)


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

First Advisor

Layek Abdel-Malek

Second Advisor

Athanassios K. Bladikas

Third Advisor

Alberto Ivo Dormio


This thesis analyses features that, in New Product Development process (NPD), foster knowledge, and their contribution to the creation and application of knowledge with the aim of increasing both global performance and organizational effectiveness. Since knowledge is becoming more important to achieve competitive advantage, companies have already started to focus on their ability to generate new competencies and create new opportunities for producing new knowledge.

One of the issues compelling knowledge management understands what aspects of the organization's work system and organizational design affect its ability to acquire, create and apply knowledge. In fact, the way that workers are organized and managed determine the success of NPD organizations. In this work, topics such as Knowledge Management and New Product Development are addressed. Furthermore, the study focuses on several models and frameworks of knowledge management, extracted from the existing literature, provides analyses of such models, and, based on them, proposes an additional framework.



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