Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 1932

Degree Name

Degree of Civil Engineer


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

William S. La Londe


This thesis on the subject of "Piles and Pile Driving" has been written to fulfill one of the requirements for the granting of the degree of Civil Engineer by the Newark College of Engineering. The material contained in this thesis has been gleaned from many books, catalogs, magazines and from the author's own experience. Much still needs to be accomplished in the field of research but this can be done only through the cooperation of the companies who are engaged in this work and have the equipment necessary for making many tests under actual field conditions.

The author wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to the following companies for the information which they have supplied and also for the illustrations, some of which are reproduced in this thesis: - Russell Company, Charles R. Gow Company, Mac Arthur Concrete Pile Corporation, The Raymond Concrete Pile Company, and The Southern Wood Preserving Company. The author is also indebted to Professor William S. La Londe of the Newark College of Engineering for reading the manuscript and making valuable suggestions.



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