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Date of Award

Spring 1932

Degree Name

Degree of Civil Engineer


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

William S. La Londe


The progress of a nation and. its transportation facilities have always advanced hand in hand.

Just as it has always beerthe Civil Engineer's problem to develop facilities for other means of transportation, such as roads, harbors, and. railroad terminals, so is it his problem today to build airports.

In presenting the problems encountered in the development of an airport, the writer has considered the airport's place in city and regional planning, as well as the part it plays in air transportation.

An expression of thanks is given to Mr. Wm. S. La Londe, Jr., professor in Civil Engineering at the Newark College of Engineering who has assisted greatly by reading the thesis, ad giving valuable suggestions. Acknowledgment is also made to the following: Armco Manufacturers Association; Mr. Harry H. Blee, Chief, Division of Airports, Department of Commerce; Messrs. Henry V. Hubbard, Miller McClintock and Frank B. Williams, co-authors of Harvard City Planning Studies - Airport.