Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1957

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management Engineering - (M.S.)


Management Engineering

First Advisor

Oliver J. Sizelove


This paper endeavors to compare three predetermined time systems, namely; Work-Factor, Methods-Time Measurement and Basic Motion Time-study, elemental-by-elemental, through the use of a series of detailed analyses. The following information in the form of conclusions and recommendations has been set forth from the investigation of the various comparative analyses contained herein:

  1. Reasons for the variation between the elementals.

  2. A chronological order of attack for further study with an eye to accomplishing the most in the shortest possible time.

  3. The results of a composite analysis which utilizes the most realistic elemental definitions of the three systems. (This includes the comparison of the latter and the other three systems of predetermined time standards to the Time Study values for the operation being analyzed)

  4. An indication of which systems appear to be the quickest and easiest to use, based on the operation that was analyzed.

  5. Recommendations concerning the selection of a predetermined time system for actual use.

In addition, the reader generally with history and operation of predetermined time introductory chapters acquaint the Time Study Technique and the of all of the well known systems standards.