Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1955

Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Jerome J. Salamone

Second Advisor

Joseph Joffe

Third Advisor

C. L. Mantell


The object of this project ras to obtain a reasonable correlation of the effect of velocity, concentration and particle size on apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian slurries.

Through the use of dimensional and graphical analysis an equation, μ/μw=1.02(Ak/GC).105, was developed which filled these conditions. The average deviation of the apparent viscosity calculated from this equation compared to the experimental value was 14.4%.

The authors believe that this correlation should be tested under a greater variety of conditions of particle size and particle thermal conductivity and for suspending mediums other than water.