Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1953

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management Engineering - (M.S.)


Management Engineering

First Advisor

Joseph A. Rich


The ever-increasing trend toward improved industrial efficiency creates the problem of supplying capable executives. The supply of executive manpower in business corporations ever needs replenishing. Expansion of operations, retirements, and other circumstances cause executive demands and vacancies which must be filled. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to analyze and report on what industry is actually doing today to develop executives to meet present and future requirements. Also, it is the author's intent to formulate a comprehensive executive development program that can be adopted with some limitations by industry for the building of an executive reserve.

In order to obtain accurate information on this subject, it was necessary to first gather pertinent material from a considerable number of available sources. These sources consisted of text books, periodicals, magazine articles, and company publications. Upon conclusion of this particular phase, the material was analyzed and condensed, thereby forming the basis for Chapters I and II. These two chapters have been presented with a view toward furnishing background information for this thesis.

Upon the completion of the aforementioned phase of study, a questionnaire was designed with the object of eliciting answers from industry which would serve several purposes: (1) to assist in corroborating the authenticity that a definite need exists today for more capable executives, (2) to obtain up-to-date data on the development of executives, (3) to learn the viewpoint of industry on this important subject and (4) to aid the author in the formulation of an executive development program that would be acceptable to industry. The sur covered 543 companies of various types and size located throughout the United States. The results of this survey are presented and analyzed in Chapters III and IV respectively.

By utilizing the survey questionnaire results and the additional background material, an executive development program was formulated as presented in Chapter V.

Upon completion of the above-mentioned program, a copy was presented to the Training Officer at Picatinny Arsenal Dover, New Jersey. It was suggested by the author that the Training Officer review the proposed executive development program and express his ideas and opinions. In this manner, the strength of the program would be verified, and if any weak points existed, they could then be eliminated. Conferences and discussions held in connection with the proposed program are presented in Chapter VI together with a copy of a letter received from the Training Officer.

Conclusions manifested as a result of this entire study, survey, and analysis are contained in Chapter VII.

The problem of providing more capable executives is an extremely important one. Executives today play a vital role in the proper functioning of any organization. In order that an executive may carry out his assigned responsibilities he must be fully developed. No longer can key positions in a company be filled by personnel se- lected simply on the basis of long service and experience in the production shops. It is necessary to properly develop the individual for the position so that he will be capable of satisfactorily performing his required duties. Adherence to the development program outlined in Chapter V will prove valuable in producing successful executives; successful executives mean increased efficiencies and reduced costs. This, after all, is one of the basic aims of industry.

The author wishes to express his indebtedness to Mr. M. F. Fairheller of Picatinny Arsenal for reviewing and commenting on Chapter V; to Professor Joseph A. Rich of Newark College of Engineering for his guidance and assistance; to Mrs. Jean Weiler for her untiring patience in the typing of this thesis; and to all the companies cooperating in the executive development survey.



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