Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1972

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management Engineering - (M.S.)


Industrial and Management Engineering

First Advisor

Joseph A. Rich


This thesis represents an investigation of effectiveness as a result of engineering training. The basic elements of effectiveness and its learning process are explained and said that the effectiveness could be learnt and improved.

The term training, is basically the process of education and training. But training cannot be performed as an individual, but is performed as a group. Therefore training a group with having so many individuals needs careful consideration in designing a training program.

In order to get the broadest possible picture of current thinking and current activity in the area of company training programs for graduate engineers, a survey was conducted. This survey consists of a questionnaire so designed to obtain the answer on which basis the effectiveness and the need for an effective training program could be determined.

The questionnaire along with a covering letter was sent to one hundred and one companies. Out of one hundred and one questionnaires sent, a total of forty two have answered and returned the questionnaire which accounts to 41.58% of total participation. After recieving the answered questionnaire the author visited three companies personally and discussed various aspects of training.

To sum up the survey and personal visits, it could be concluded that there is a need for an effective training program. Because the management set up their goals and objectives, but it needs careful evaluation.

The process of learning again is an individual matter as such the teacher - whom is called as trainer, has the prime responsibility of training the graduate engineers more effectively so that they could be useful both to the company and to the society.

The engineer as an engineer has created wonders in the technology and now he has to face and resolve the consequences of engineering innovations. The concept of social problems is not appealing to every industry, as such this fact was enlightened.

The engineer has a great future. Hence training the engineers should be considered as a prime responsibility because engineer has many changing roles to play such as supervisor, manager and up. The element of selecting a potential teacher as a trainer and training him to become a efficient trainer, would be the major success to-wards effective learning.

A training program, has been developed in general but certain guidelines has been indicated by which means the industry could develop and establish an effective training program.

It is the conclusion of this thesis that by means of an effective training program, every engineer will become more efficient to their industries and to the society in solving their social problems, so that the dream of having the cleaner atmosphere and healthy living will come back to the world again. A periodic evaluation and re-establishment of training program will be of more beneficial to the individual and to the company.

It is the sincere hope that majority of the business and industry will work as a team in solving to-day's social problems by utilizing the engineer's effectively.

Certain guidelines were developed which is to be followed in establishing the training program. The steps for establishing and adminstering the programs were spelled out. By following these steps the author is confident that the industry could develop the author's proposed effective training program to suit their changing needs. Adhering to these two predominant factors any addition would increase the effectiveness.

It is imperative to evaluate the effectiveness Petiodically and revise or review the training program to maximize effectiveness.



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