Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1983

Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

First Advisor

Ching-Rong Huang

Second Advisor

Gordon Lewandowski

Third Advisor

David S. Kristol


A mathematical model describing the flow characteristics and mass transfer has been developed for the hollow fiber dialyzer in countercurrent dialysis.

The theoretical expressions are developed from a typical Graetz problem for the stream side, and a first order differential equation for the dialyzate side. The solution of the dimensionless concentration profile is obtained as a summation of orthogonal eigenfunctions in closed form, which are given as product of an exponential function and a confluent hypergeometric function.

The analytical solution of the model has been examined by adjusting system parameters, like Sherwood number, Peclet number and the geometry of the system. As expected, at higher Peclet number the bulk concentration in the stream outlet decreases, where as at higher Sherwood number and higher L/R ratio the bulk concentration increases. This can be used to optimize dialyzer performance.