Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1977

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management Engineering - (M.S.)


Industrial and Management Engineering

First Advisor

George J. Danco


As a result of its recent status as a petroleum exporting country, Ecuador is enjoying an economic boom, which is expected to lead to the formation of new enterprises, the creation of jobs, the utilization of human and natural resources and the encouragement of harmonious development of the national economy.

This thesis is based on the belief that the private sector must assume a decisive role in the adequate implementation of Ecuador's industrial development programs, and it aims to show the feasibility of establishing there an enterprise that would manufacture domestic electric irons.

The coverage of the subject comprises three main sections: 1) It offers a general overview of the current business environment in Ecuador. 2) It explores the history, the present status and the future of the electric iron industry in the United States. 3) It presents the specific enterprise proposal, as well as an evaluation of its feasibility.

Modern methods and techniques of management analysis and design were utilized in the thesis development, and the end result is an enterprise proposal, which is quite attractive in its economical and technical perspectives. It will eventually be submitted to a venture capital organization and, conceivably, the required financing for the enterprise will be approved.



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