Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1989

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management - (M.S.)


Organizational and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Anthony Kahng


This study is primarily concerned with drugs and alcohol in the workplace, the range and impact of chemical abuse and how companies are coping with this problem.

The purpose of this study is to study organizations which have formal employee assistance or drug rehabilitation programs and what kind of impact such programs have on reducing drug abuse in the work place.

The first chapter tells the history of these early occupational programs and how they evolved into what is commonly known today as Employee Assistance Programs. It also explains how alcoholism and drug abuse became accepted as a disease.

The second chapter studies the elements of a company program. The company policy, and the steps taken in formulating a policy. Other concerns mentioned are Management participation, supervisory training, and referral services.

The third chapter explores drug testing procedures used and the reliability of drug tests. It also touches on some of the many drugs that these tests are designed to identify, and some of the legal issues involved.

The fourth chapter investigates referral services, treatment and rehabilitation programs. An In-house program, An outside program, and a community program are studied.

Finally, the fifth chapter is an analysis of the survey results that were sent out to a cross section of twenty Fortune 500 companies. A conclusion is drawn based on these results.