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Date of Award

Fall 1-31-1996

Degree Name

Master of Science in Applied Physics - (M.S.)



First Advisor

John Francis Federici

Second Advisor

William Savin

Third Advisor

William Wilber


In this thesis work, we conclude that oxygen vacancy defects play a fundamental role in the PPC/PISC mechanism and identify the oxygen defects as F centers (an oxygen vacancy which traps two electrons) or F+ centers. Also, the correlation between the peaks observed in the luminescence spectra and those observed in the wavelength dependence of PPC suggest that the photogeneration of charges and their annihilation via luminescent recombination occur in the same level (Cu-O chains) of the YBa2Cu3Ox crystal. Previous models had assigned the peaks in the PPC excitation spectrum to charge transfer in the CuO2 planes. In addition, photoluminescence and infrared spectroscopy are used to characterize the energy levels of the defects.

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