Document Type


Date of Award

Fall 10-31-1997

Degree Name

Master of Science in Computer Science - (M.S.)


Computer and Information Science

First Advisor

Jason T. L. Wang

Second Advisor

James A. McHugh

Third Advisor

David Nassimi


The consensus sequences at splicing junctions in genomic DNA are required for pre-mRNA breaking and rejoining which must be carried out precisely. Programs currently available for identification or prediction of transcribed sequences from within genomic DNA are far from being powerful enough to elucidate genomic structure completely[4]. In this research, we develop a degenerate pattern match algorithm for 5' splicing site (Donor Site) recognition.. Using the Motif models we developed, we can mine out the degenerate pattern information from the consensus splicing junction sequences. Our experimental results show that, this algorithm can correctly recognize 93% of the total donor sites at the right positions in the test DNA group. And more than 91% of the donor sites the algorithm predicted are correct. These precision rates are higher than the best existing donor classification algorithm[25]. This research made a very important progress toward our full gene structure detection algorithm development.