Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1997

Degree Name

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering - (M.S.)


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

First Advisor

George Hanna Abdou

Second Advisor

Sanchoy K. Das

Third Advisor

Carl Wolf


It has been known and understood that milling is quite a complicated process being a multi-point cutting tool operation. Each Surface texture is complex and requires different functions of forces to get the optimized Surface Texture. The challenge faced here is to devise any form of relation between the Surface Texture and the Milling Operating parameters (Spindle Speed, Feed rate, Depth of Cut), Cutting forces and the Milling Operating parameters and also between the Surface Texture and the Cutting Forces.

This Research study was conducted to determine the effect of the Operating Parameters on Surface Texture and Cutting forces and empirical relationships have been established between the Surface Texture and Operating parameters, The Cutting forces and Operating parameters and Surface Texture and Operating parameters.

Thus, the outcome of the research is to determine the optimal cutting conditions and by controlling the operating parameters, accordingly, better surface quality in milling operations can be attained.



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