4th Grade Battlebots

4th Grade Battlebots

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Bedwell Elementary School

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  • Title: Battle Bots

  • Author(s) Allen Thurlow

  • Associated organization : Somerset Hills School District: Bedwell Elementary School

  • Number of participants the submission represents - 100 students

  • Brief description of the item - abstract

  • Students in 4th grade used design skills to make a frame for their battlebot. Using tinkercad, they designed, then 3-D printed their designs. After it was printed, they attached their battery kit and motor, and added in other materials for defending their bot using tape.

  • A fourth grader answered some questions about the project and what they learned. See below

See this video of the student’s projects:


What did you learn from the project? - one thing I learned was how to be more creative and use what materials I have around me. I had to work with what I had, and I ended up learning a lot of things I didn't know before like the things you can make out of legos, tape, and even popsicle sticks. For example me and my group had to make sharp weapons to stick off the side of our bot, we had to cut popsicle sticks to make the perfect weapon for our bot.

What materials and technology did you use? - I used all different materials, but all the kids' battle bot’s bases are 3D printed. We used a lot of tape and cardboard. Our teacher, Mr.T made sure each group got a motor for their bot.

Did you use any problem solving skills? How? - most kids used lots of problem solving skills if their bot broke down, if something was falling off, or even if they had trouble deciding what to add.

What made it fun? - everything about battle bot is fun! Most kids' favorite thing is when you’re done with your bot and you have the opportunity to battle other bots your classmates made. One of my favorite parts was when we were adding on to our bot. We got to add anything we wanted and of course had the freedom to make your very own things to add on.

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Winter 2-17-2023


Early Childhood Education | Educational Technology | Engineering Education | Robotics

Comments and Acknowledgments

Please see attached video for demonstrations of the battle bots.


I also want to acknowledge the 4th grade student who helped answer some great questions about what she learned during the project.


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4th Grade Battlebots