Ecological Water Pollution Mystery - Linwood School 6th Grade Science

Ecological Water Pollution Mystery - Linwood School 6th Grade Science

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North Brunswick Twp Public Schools / Linwood School


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This video is the culminating activity for students completing an ecological water pollution mystery. The mystery was solved using math (parts per million), science (water testing, ground water and the water cycle), topographical mapping (following plumes and determining point/non-point source pollution) and scientific reasoning. The students simulated a town meeting following the attached agenda as shown in the attached video to present their results and then review community options for next steps. Students took stakeholder roles in the presentation. Students will be applying these ideas to engage with their town representatives to discuss local issues with water pollution and engage with STEM-based improvement approaches that students can promote in the community.

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Winter 2-21-2023


water pollution, point-non-point contamination, water testing, ecological mystery, simulation, community meeting



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Some resources used in the mystery activity used prior to filming were adapted from Carolina Fruitvale.

Thank you to the Sixth grade science teaching team at Linwood School for their work with students, including over lunches and after hours, so that students could partake in this activity. It was an amazing job for our young students!


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Ecological Water Pollution Mystery - Linwood School 6th Grade Science