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The STEM for success ambassador program will provide high school students the opportunity to participate in STEM activities that challenge them to learn topics covered in most high school chemistry and physics courses in an environment that cultivates leadership, STEM advocacy, and the 21st century skills of creativity and collaboration. High school students will learn tie-dye science and the chemistry and physics of slime and use their learning experiences to create hands-on activities for Pre-K through 8th grade students. High school students will form teams and venture out into their communities to explore the activities they have created in local schools and other community-based organizations such as churches and nonprofit organizations.


To broaden participation in STEM advocacy among high school students by immersing them in STEM activities that increase their knowledge of chemistry and physics topics and train them to create activities for younger students using the same topics.

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electromagnetism, chemical reactions, covalent bonding vs. adsorption, pH, affinity (hydrophilic/hydrophobic), history of science, chromatography


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

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