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Cristo Leon

Víctor Hugo Guzmán Zarate



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This book explores over five years of research experience and practice around learning and education systems especially related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). It is a collection of ideas on how to Communicate with stakeholders to increase Collaboration and impact Convergence. The following collection of articles is based on primary empirical research, which, taken together, spans several years and numerous sponsored research endeavors, presents frameworks for thinking about STEM knowledge transfer and student character building as well as practical suggestions for everyday praxis. Through its pages, the reader will explore strategic models for STEM education and research, analyzing the communication processes and their relationship with language while considering their impact on Trans-Disciplinary Collaboration for innovation.



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Collaboration, Collaborative research, Collective Impact, Communication skills, Convergence, Cross-Disciplinary Research, Effective Collaboration, Integrating models, Inter-Disciplinarity, Planning, Project management, Research ethics, STEM literacy, Strategic planning, Team Science, Theory of Change, Trans-Disciplinary Communication, Visualizing


Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Reflections on Communication, Collaboration, and Convergence: Strategic models for STEM education and research