Document Type


Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering - (M.S.)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

C. L. Mantell

Second Advisor

George C. Keeffe

Third Advisor

Joseph Joffe


Rigid, unplasticized, polyvinyl chloride is one of several thermoplastic materials which can be made available on a reasonable, commercial basis in the form of pipe, as well as in other forms necessary for the assembly of a complete piping system.

These materials offer resistance to widely varying conditions of environment, light weight, relatively low cost, ease and economy of installation, self-insulating characteristics, minimum solid-deposit tendency, and low frictional losses. On the other hand, these materials have lower mechanical properties than most metals, and these properties are subject to wider variations as a function of temperature.

Of the thermoplastic piping materials reasonably available on a commercial basis, rigid, unplasticized, polyvinyl chloride appears to offer the best combination of engineering properties for application in the chemical process industry.

Based on a survey of the chemical process industry, it appears that rigid, unplasticized, polyvinyl chloride has given the greatest satisfaction where it has been used, and appears to have a greater growth potential than any of the other reasonably available thermoplastic materials for chemical process applications.



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