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Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering - (M.S.)


Manufacturing Engineering Division

First Advisor

E. S. Geskin

Second Advisor

Eugene I. Gordon

Third Advisor

Nouri Levy


Control of jobs being processed in manufacturing shop floor is important to management. The performance of job shop is affected by shop congestion due to arrival rate, batch size, number of machines, buffer capacity, process time variation, and dispatching rules use to load the jobs on the machine.

The job shop is a very complex system and hence, it is difficult as well as time consuming to obtained result using analytical method. A SIMAN simulation language is used to create generic model of a manufacturing cell and simulation analysis of those parameters variation such as job shop efficiency, the average no. of parts in buffer and the product processing time in the system was carried out by taking various examples.

With slight variation of the above parameters in the experimental file of simulation program, the analysis of various job shop situation was done. Result indicated that the shop floor congestion due to the above parameters greatly affect the performance of the job shop.

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