Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1986

Degree Name

Master of Science in Management Engineering - (M.S.)


Industrial and Management Engineering

First Advisor

Daniel S. Walsh


The United States of America has been the mecca of many ventures for people with vision, goals and perseverance. The prosperity of our nation has been paved by individuals with great ambition, determination and insight, who have dared to take on a risk in owning a business enterprise.

This research study was conducted to determine the characteristics and attitudes of both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as well as the similarities and differences between them.

For this study, a survey of entrepreneurs.was conducted through the use of questionnaires distributed to business owners located in the counties of Essex, Passaic and Hudson, in the state of New Jersey. The study of the intrapreneurs was conducted through the use of questionnaires mailed to intrapreneurs, located in different areas of the country. The research study of both groups was further supplemented with case studies of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs throughout the nation, as well as with personal interviews with authorities in the field.

The most significant finding was that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs definitely exhibit many of the same attitudes and characteristics in carrying out their ventures, as demonstrated by their intuitiveness, their "go-getterness," hard work, and the tenacity to succeed. The study also indicates that there are certain similarities and differences shared by both groups in the way they go about determining the type of ventures and in the risks involved in attaining their goals.



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