Document Type


Date of Award

Summer 9-30-1987

Degree Name

Master of Architecture - (M.Arch.)


School of Architecture

First Advisor

David L. Hawk

Second Advisor

Kevin J. McDermott

Third Advisor

Erv L. Bales


Productivity is an important aspect of work environment in a market economy. It depends on the integration of the efficiency of the technical system, the social structure of the organization as well as the spatial environment. The relationship of productivity to the spatial environment within the changing work environment is the primary concern of this research. The research attempts to identify where we are now in terms of our understanding of productivity and its relationship to the work environment as well as the historic evolution that has brought us to this stage. In addition, this project attempts to explain the method of utilizing the socio-technical-spatial systems in the design of a manufacturing facility for the General Motors Corporation. This 3.3 million square feet manufacturing facility is designed as a part of an international interdisciplinary research and design competition organized by the ACSA and the GM Corporation.

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Architecture Commons



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