Document Type


Date of Award

Fall 10-31-1994

Degree Name

Master of Science in Transportation - (M.S.)


Executive Committee for the Interdisciplinary Program in Transportation

First Advisor

Kyriacos Mouskos

Second Advisor

Joshua Greenfeld

Third Advisor

Louis J. Pignataro


A method for the design and use of a Transit Advanced Traveler Information System (TATIS) using an off-the-shelf Geographic Information System (GIS) is developed in this thesis. The research design included: 1) representing multi-modal transit networks in a digital form with schedule databases; 2) development of a multiple "optimal" path algorithm that takes into account walking transfers using published time schedules; 3) incorporating user preferences and penalties in the algorithm; 4) development of a user-interface with suitable output capabilities; 5) using the prototype for sample inquiries giving performance measures.

This prototype was developed using the Arc/Info GIS developed by ESRI, Inc. The principal results of the research demonstrated the effectiveness and robustness of the TATIS prototype with respect to the five previously mentioned issues. Areas of future improvement and research focus on performance measures and added functionality.