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Date of Award

Fall 1-31-1994

Degree Name

Master of Science in Applied Physics - (M.S.)



First Advisor

Ken K. Chin

Second Advisor

John Charles Hensel

Third Advisor

Halina Opyrchal


The photoluminescence produced by four MOCVD grown epitaxial thin film samples was studied to give insight into sample quality. The four samples under this study were GaAs on a GaAs substrate, Al.25Ga.75As on a GaAs substrate, Al.30Ga.7OAs on a GaAs substrate, and GaSb on a GaSb substrate. Excitation was achieved through the use of the 514.0 nm line of an argon ion laser, and sample cooling was attained by use of a cryostat cooler using helium gas to attain a low temperature limit of 10°K. The GaAs and Al.30Ga.7OAs samples exhibited typical spectra for MOCVD grown samples produced by other sources in the widths of the resulting BE peaks and in the characterisitics, of their acceptor-induced transitions. The narrow, prominent BE peaks of the Al.25Ga.75As and GaSb samples had shown them to be of exceptional quality.

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