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Date of Award

Fall 1-31-1995

Degree Name

Master of Architecture - (M.Arch.)


School of Architecture

First Advisor

Peter Anders

Second Advisor

Peter C. Papademetriou

Third Advisor

Glenn Goldman


The Virtual Office has become a viable solution to the need for a changing workplace. Technology, design, and a redefinition of work have combined to create something entirely new. An office not of walls and doors but of electronic peripherals, networks, and global digital communication. This concept allows workers to be free from their physical surrounding to conduct work from remote locations or in some instances in a totally electronic world commonly referred to as Cyberspace. Through research, interviews, and problem solving the virtual office concept presented will redefine the use of space as we know it. These concepts will allow Architect's to be instrumental in the creation of these new virtual worlds while business and corporate America realize the benefits of this new form of workplace.

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Architecture Commons